Top 6 Questions about MaxJax

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#1 Do MaxJax columns need to be bolted down?

This is the most commonly asked question when a customer first comes into contact with the MaxJax two-post lift. While the answer is obvious to most, we understand why it gets asked. When looking at the MaxJax on our website or in a magazine, it’s hard to tell that there are actually five recessed anchor bolts that securely anchor each column to your concrete flooring. When you’re operating the MaxJax two-post lift, it is necessary to anchor each post before lifting. Once you’re done using the lift, simply unbolt and roll each column out of the way for storage. It’s that easy!

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#2 Once MaxJax is lifted to a desired height, can I disconnect the fittings and remove the hoses?

Absolutely! Once your MaxJax two-post lift is securely locked into one of the safety positions, hold the down level on the power unit for an additional 10 seconds to remove any hydraulic pressure built up into the system. Once that’s done, you can disconnect the fittings and remove the hoses out of the way. Your vehicle can remain lifted on MaxJax indefinitely.

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#3 Do I need an air compressor to operate MaxJax?

No, you do not need an air compressor to operate MaxJax. This is a common misconception. A lot of first timers look at the MaxJax power unit and assume it’s air operated, when in fact, it’s electric over hydraulic. Every MaxJax system comes with a hydraulic power unit and power unit cart to make it easy to roll into position when in use and easily store away when it’s not in use. MaxJax power units come in a standard 110-volt power configuration.

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#4 Is MaxJax held up only by hydraulics? What if a hose breaks?

We take safety of our customers very seriously, which is why MaxJax is ALI certified to be safe. MaxJax features mechanical safety locks that automatically engage as the lift rises to prevent an extremely rare catastrophic failure event. When operating MaxJax, you must ensure the lift is lowered securely on a safety lock position prior to starting your work. For more information about our safety lock system, we highly recommend that you review the MaxJax manual.

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#5 How does MaxJax lift a vehicle evenly?

This is one of our favorite questions to answer because it’s all about the engineering. Above the power unit is where all the magic happens in the mechanical flow divider. When hydraulic fluid is pumped through the system, the gears inside the flow divider force hydraulic fluid evenly to each hose leading to each column. If your MaxJax is not lifting evenly, check to make sure there is no air in the lines. If it’s still lifting unevenly, put a vehicle on the lift and raise it just off the floor. Sometimes the weight of a vehicle will correct the flow from the flow divider and correct the issue. If all else fails, please contact for further technical help.

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#6 Why do you have a person dressed in business attire working with MaxJax?

We like to keep things classy.