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The MaxJax Two-Post Portable Lift

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MaxJax Portable Car Lift

Tired of doing the jack-stand shuffle? What you need is a simple way to get your car safely off the ground with undercarriage access everywhere. The days of hunting down four matching jack stands, getting a floor jack, putting the car 18” off the ground, and working outside in your parent’s driveway are over. Besides, the cars you have today are much too nice for that. We have good news. The MaxJax portable car lift is a safe, easy and affordable way to lift your car up to 49” from the ground with a 6,000lb. lifting capacity. That means you can lift most vehicles including many full-size SUV’s and light-duty pick-ups. Plus the MaxJax is designed to work under low ceilings, either in home garages or for an additional work area in professional shops where space is a concern. Many other two-post lifts on the market won’t fit in these same work areas.

MaxJax’s advantages are endless and if you’re handy enough to work on cars, you’ll find the MaxJax garage floor installation fairly easy to follow. Along with a hammer drill and a 7/8” masonry bit, you most likely have the other tools needed for setup. The MaxJax’s two pillars safely secure to a suitable concrete slab with a total of ten hi-strength bolts, five per column. After the install is done, you’re ready to lift your car. The mobile hydraulic power unit (filled with ATF) routes a hydraulic hose to each column and is powered from the closest 110 outlet. No need to have an electrician come out and wire in 220 like on other lifts. And since the mobile power unit is mounted onto a rolling dolly, you have the advantage of positioning it to the most out of the way area around the lift. Many other lifts permanently mount it to one of the two pillars where it could end up partially blocking access to a shop doorway or aisle. Whether you’re doing brakes, pulling a transmission, installing headers and custom exhaust, or even detailing your car, the MaxJax allows you to position your vehicle to an optimal height that will nicely improve your working access. The MaxJax’s lifting pads work well on a variety of undercarriages and won’t harm or damage frame areas. Whichever lift height suits your job best, you’ll find that the adjustable lift arms can be safely locked to a variety of levels for optimal working access. MaxJax is also proud to have earned ALI Certification for safety.

Unlike other lifts where one size fits all, the MaxJax is tailored in four separate packages with upgraded bundle levels. These are the Standard, Deluxe, Supreme, and Ultimate. The Standard Package includes the MaxJax two-post lift with the Mobile Power Unit. The Deluxe Package adds an upright portable oil drain that holds nine gallons and a rolling work seat. The Supreme Package adds frame cradle pads and adapter pins. The Ultimate package replaces the rolling work seat with a reclining creeper seat.

One of the best parts is that when you’re not going to be using the MaxJax you can unbolt it and store it out of the way, making way for the rest of the family to continue using the garage. (See how your can set up MaxJax in Multiple Shop Bays) Most other two-post lifts in this price range are not portable, nor as versatile. You’ll find that the MaxJax is easy to put away because each pillar has two sturdy caster wheels in place that roll easily. The lift arms are easily removed and reinstalled with four large slip-in pins.

And MaxJax keeps it affordable too as the upgrades from Standard to Ultimate tally just a few hundred dollars above the base price. Whether you choose the MaxJax for its work area versatility, lift portability, ease of lift installation, cost savings, or improved vehicle working access, you’ll find the MaxJax advantages right for your job.

MaxJax 46 inch lifting height works well with low ceiling clearance
Work with the MaxJax portable car lift
MaxJax extension cord

Here’s a quick list of some of the MaxJax advantages:

  • Rated capacity 6,000 lbs. lifting capacity
  • Strong steel construction
  • Easy to move with its portable design
  • Adjustable lift arms
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Small frame size makes for smaller footprint and easy storage
  • Mobile Hydraulic Power Unit uses common ATF Transmission Fluid
  • Hydraulic hoses are Quick‐disconnect with no mess, self‐sealing hose connections
  • 46” lifting height (or 49” with adapters)
  • Direct‐drive, low‐pressure cylinders – no lifting chains or cables
  • Fully adjustable lift arms and stackable adapters for increased vehicle lifting point coverage
  • From storage to working in less than 15 minutes
  • ALI Certified (Automotive Lift Industry)
  • Low ceiling clearance
  • Optional Motorcycle adapters are available