Is the MaxJax Portable Two-Post Lift right for you?

You’re looking to make car maintenance easier, safer, and more convenient—good move! A garage lift makes automotive work much easier when compared to jacks and stands, but choosing the right car lift for your situation can be mentally exhausting. With so many choices on the market that claim to be the next best thing since sliced bread, what do you need to know to help make the best choice? Let’s break it down.

1. Space

This is the first thing you should consider when choosing a car lift. Lift type and model options narrow down quickly depending on the space you have available. If you’re lucky enough to have super-tall ceilings in your home garage, then a full-sized car lift might be best suited for your needs. (In that case, our parent company BendPak has lots of full-size car lift options). Or, maybe even with all that overhead space, you don’t want a permanent full-sized lift taking up valuable space in your garage. That’s when MaxJax advantages really start to stack up. It may not have the same lifting height as the other larger car lift structures, but it will take up a lot less space and it can be stowed away neatly when not in use. Plus, you’ll be able to perform all kinds of maintenance with its impressive 46” – 50” lifting height.

MaxJax Portable Two-Post Lift is great for small space garages

2. Versatility

If you’re looking for the perfect car lift for a low-ceiling garage, your options again become limited. In this category, the best low-ceiling car lift gets narrowed down to two categories - low-rise and mid-rise car lifts. While each category serves a purpose, they do have their limitations. Typical low-rise and mid-rise scissors lifts have limited frame and chassis adaptability. Sure they’re great for smaller unibody vehicles that are not too jack-point specific, but when lifting framed vehicles, specialty tube chassis’, or hard-to-reach concealed frames, pad lifts can be problematic due to their limited choice of contact pad accessories and adapters. In addition, due to their scissors design, access to the underside of the vehicle is restricted because the lift scissors mechanisms typically reside there. The MaxJax portable car lift gives you the same versatility and clear undercar access as any other full-size two-post lift and gets your vehicle up to a comfortable height in seconds. The clear advantage that only MaxJax can deliver is the ability to roll it out of the way and store it when not in use. That’s a huge benefit for those that don’t want to lose their garage for a car lift.

MaxJax is also an Auto Detailer's Dream
MaxJax Portable Two-Post Lift gives you clear under-car access

3. Safety

Since we know safety is very important to you, our engineers and designers overbuilt MaxJax in all the right areas. The design and structural integrity of MaxJax passed with flying colors at the Automotive Lift Institute. Those seeing this portable two-post lift for the first time will say, “Is that lift bolted to the ground?”, or “I’m not getting under that lift!” MaxJax is owned and operated by BendPak, a car lift company that was established over 50-years ago. At BendPak, designing car lifts that are safe and reliable are the cornerstones of our business. MaxJax is just as safe as any other commercial two-post lift on the market.

MaxJax two-post lift

4. Storage

This is where the MaxJax really shines. Garage space is a commodity. The MaxJax portable two-post lift uses flush-mounted recessed anchor bolts which allow you to unbolt the columns and wheel them out of the way when you’re done working. Put them away, then conveniently roll back into position the next time you need to perform some DIY service. There are not a lot of garage lifts on the market that can do that.

MaxJax portable two-post lift stores away nicely

Whichever lift you end up choosing, we know it’ll be the right choice for you! The MaxJax portable two-post lift is for those that may not have the ceiling height, need full access to the vehicles undercarriage, and are looking for a stow-out-of-the-way option to free up valuable garage space. After you do your research, we are certain that you too will find that the one-and-only MaxJax checks all of the boxes. The only thing left to do is give us a call at (844) 629-5291 or purchase online. We encourage you to bring one home to your garage and find out why thousands of very-satisfied users across the globe chose MaxJax over all other car lift options.