MaxJax Portable Two-Post Garage Lift Buyer's Guide

MaxJax Portable Two-Post Garage Lift Buyer's Guide

With its unique portable two-post design, the MaxJax system offers superior versatility and serviceability when compared to traditional mid-rise or low-rise garage lifting systems.

Gain Access With MaxJax

Have you heard the good news? The MaxJax two-post lift is portable, is designed for a quick installation in your garage, and easily lifts vehicles that weigh up to 6,000 lb. But did you know that there is much more to the MaxJax auto lift than these 3 features? When you add a MaxJax Portable two-post lift (M6K) in your shop or garage, you’re not just adding a lift. You’re also adding quicker diagnostic times, brake repairs completed sooner, enhanced working capability to improve work quality, and a great way to finish your special car project. The list goes on and on. This is because at the core of every MaxJax is built-in quality, useful features, and safety.


MaxJax Quality and Safety Features From the Ground Up

MaxJax Rugged Safety Lock Bars

Rugged Safety Lock Bars

Capable of holding 3 times the rated lifting capacity

MaxJax Cast Iron Gear-Flow Divider For Equalized of Hydraulic Power

Cast Iron Gear-Flow Divider

Provides Precisely Equalized Lifting For Uniform Division Of Hydraulic Power

MaxJax High Volume, Low Pressure Direct Drive Cylinders

HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure)

Direct-Drive Cylinders Eliminate The Need For Using Lifting Chains Or Screw Mechanisms Sometimes Found On Other Lift Designs

MaxJax Hydraulic Cylinders Safety Valves

Hydraulic Cylinders

Feature Integrated Velocity-Fuse Safety Valves

MaxJax Automatic Arm Restraints

Arm Restraints

Automatically Engage Each Time The Lift Is Raised

MaxJax Documents

Detailed Instructions

Installation, Maintenance And Safety Instructions Accompany Each MaxJax Car Lift

MaxJax is ALI Certified

MaxJax is Certified Too

MaxJax quality and safety is acknowledged by noteworthy organizations. That’s why the MaxJax has earned the prestigious ALI (Automotive Lift Institute) Certification. ALI is credentialed by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) which is recognized by the International Accreditation Forum.

MaxJax Can Be Packed In a Variety of Suitable Settings

MaxJax is Packed with Benefits

The portable MaxJax is designed to give you more access and versatility than most other lifts, while providing wheels‐free undercarriage access. The portable MaxJax provides the freedom to install the two-post lift in a variety of suitable settings. Such as in a quick service bay, a repair shop, a tire swapping stall, a detail rack, or your home garage with a suitable concrete slab. With these attributes, MaxJax benefits are endless.

View All The Advantages Of The MaxJax
Anchor the MaxJax in any Location with Qualifying Concrete Slab Site

You Choose Where to install MaxJax

The location you place your portable MaxJax in is largely up to you. After selecting a qualifying concrete slab site, the MaxJax secures to the floor with the installation of an anchor bolt kit that utilizes 10 large bolts (5 per column) that are torqued to spec. These drop-in anchors include a wedge-type mechanism that creates a secure hold generating an ultimate tensile strength of up to 16,500-lbs each when installed in 4,000-psi solid concrete.

Working With Multiple Shop Bays
MaxJax Has an Open-Center Area For Optimal Workspace Underneath Your Vehicle

MaxJax is Built With an Open-Center Area

One of the biggest benefits of raising a vehicle on a lift is having as much undercar access as possible. MaxJax is engineered so that the center area is completely open, allowing you the ability to stand, roll a creeper, or a toolbox under the car while you are working. With some other lifts there are often supports or other cross braces impeding clear undercar access.

MaxJax Column Features Caster Wheels Attached To Easily Roll


Each MaxJax column features caster wheels attached at the base of each pillar so that you can easily roll it to the needed location. With the hydraulic hoses disconnected, simply remove the 10 bolts (5 bolts at the baseplate for both pillars). Next, simply tilt the column back and onto the caster wheels and roll each column to its next location.

MaxJax Easy Setup Should Only Require About 15 Minutes for Installation

MaxJax Easy Setup

Internally threaded recessed drop-in anchors and quick-connect/disconnect hydraulic couplers provide for fast and simple set-up to qualifying concrete. Simply use the proper masonry bit to hammer drill and correctly positioned the 10 holes to secure down the two columns. Once you’ve already set up a particular site, the next setup at the same location should only require about 15 minutes for installation. Or if your MaxJax is not immediately needed, you can simply stow it away along a wall or in an equipment room for future use. This way you have the flexibility of having an open area to work in when you’re not using your MaxJax.

MaxJax Setup Guide

4 MaxJax Packages Offered:

Since so many shops and garages have their own working dynamics, MaxJax offers 4 different and affordable package levels. Each designed to help you work better. It's your choice. There's just a few hundred dollars between the STANDARD Package and the ULTIMATE-PLUS Packages. When you upgrade, MaxJax passes along cost savings to you with each package upgrade.

Standard Package

Standard Package

MaxJax Standard Two-Post Lift
Deluxe Package

Deluxe Package

MaxJax Two-Post Lift Deluxe Package, Upright oil drain, Rolling work seat
Supreme Package

Supreme Package

MaxJax Two-Post Lift Supreme Package, Tall adapter pins, Frame Cradle Pads, Upright oil drain, Rolling work seat
Ultimate Package

Ultimate Package

MaxJax Two-Post Lift Ultimate Package, Tall adapter pins, Frame Cradle Pads, Upright oil drain, Adjustable creeper

MaxJax has its Perks

MaxJax Advantages
Low profile lift arms make it easy to lift low height cars

MaxJax Lift Arm Restraints Lock to Adjusted Angles

MaxJax engineering ensures that each lift arm stays in its angled position as the lift is raised. This occurs because each lift arm features matching gear sets at the pivot area that mechanically lock together as soon as the lift moves upward, via spring-activation. Then as the lift is lowered back to its base position, the matching gear sets are moved apart to unlock each arm, so that each of the 4 arms can return to pivot freely. This is also necessary to allow the arms to be pivoted out of the way after the lift is lowered, providing the vehicle a clear path to move from the lift.

Adjustable MaxJax Lifting Arms and Stackable Adapters

MaxJax has fully adjustable lift arms to easily reach factory lift points providing a safe and effective way of lifting vehicles. MaxJax lift arms are designed as 3 section slide-out arms. Think of a vintage car antenna mast. This feature allows the arms to adjust outward as much as 40” to reach frame lift points. And every MaxJax order includes 4 medium height adapters (2.75” tall) with 4 stackable standard lift pad adapters. These serve to increase overall arm positioning for lifting a variety of different vehicles that have unibody construction, OEM recommended pick-up points, or wide and/or narrow frame configurations. Tall Adapters that are 5.5” in height are an optional accessory. These arms will also accommodate a selection of stackable adapters to add more height above the lift arm’s contact points. This way you can set the lift to correctly contact each vehicle’s best lift points.

Low-Profile MaxJax Lift Arms

Every model year, many passenger cars are designed to be lower and lower to the ground. This generally improves handling and reduces drag coefficient. Some auto enthusiasts as well, modify their vehicle suspensions for the same reasons. Plus there’s the added benefit of a cooler looking vehicle stance. To work well with this, the MaxJax lift arms are a low-profile design to allow operation under most of these lower stance vehicles. The MaxJax minimum pad height measures just 4.5”. The four lift arms are easily attached with four separate pins that slip in place to provide a strong pivot point for each arm.

MaxJax Inside Information

Each MaxJax hydraulic cylinder is manufactured with exacting standards. Inside is a one-piece, pilot fitted, machined steel piston fitted with uniquely designed, pressure loaded U-cup piston seals, backups and wear bands that virtually eliminates any fluid bypass. The micro-smooth chrome-rod is machined from high yield, ground and polished C-1045/50 micro-alloy steel and plated to a minimum of .001" diametrically, to ensure superior cylinder operation and life. This level of quality is typical of the engineering instilled in MaxJax lifts.

MaxJax Delivers Height Solutions

Did you know the MaxJax also works well under lower ceiling areas? The overall column height with the lift cylinder in the fully raised position is just 89.5”. And the fixed height of the pillars is just 64”. With the right amount of undercar room, you are able to perform all kinds of automotive tasks. The 4 lift arms on the MaxJax raise to any height you choose from ground-level to 48” high. This design works especially well in home garages that typically do not have high ceilings. Many home garages often have low rafter areas, existing fluorescent lighting, or a roll up garage door that when up might be in the path of a lifted vehicle. With MaxJax’s space-conscious versatility, you have lots of ergonomic options when working with vehicles. The MaxJax can often even fit in some 1-car garage settings, depending on existing dimensions.

MaxJax Mobile Power Unit Cart

The MaxJax Mobile Power Unit Cart is designed to be space conscious too. The standard mobile power unit cart’s compact size allows it to be easily stored out of the way and includes an area for the hydraulic hoses. Providing power to the hydraulic power unit is easy because it uses a single-phase motor that requires 110-volts AC and a 23 amp breaker. The heavy duty industrial grade power cord is 6-Ft. long. To raise the MaxJax, simply push the button. Then to lower the MaxJax, depress the lever and monitor the lowering. Simple quick-disconnect hydraulic hoses can be positioned easily for column operation.

Maintenance-Free MaxJax Slide Blocks

As a Lift Arm Assembly travels up and down within a column’s inner track, the traveling contact area needs to slide freely. Instead of using greasy roller bearings that would easily attract abrasive and damaging dirt in a work shop’s environment, the MaxJax uses clean polyethylene load bearing pads that never need lubrication. This way there is no lubricating grease to attract and hold abrasive debris. These plastic type load bearing pads are designed to virtually last for the life of the lift.

MaxJax Direct-Drive Technology

The MaxJax utilizes HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) Direct-Drive cylinders mounted inside both columns to safely and securely raise or lower vehicles with precision. MaxJax’s HVLP Direct-Drive cylinders eliminate the need for outdated lifting chains or screw mechanisms sometimes found on other lift brands. HVLP Direct-Drive technology offers better reliability, smoother operation, and less maintenance.

MaxJax Single Piece Columns

At MaxJax our engineers specifically designed the columns with rigid single-piece construction for extra strength to reduce flex under heavy load conditions. This translates into better lift alignment as the lift mechanism travels up and down in the column.

Cast Iron Gear Flow Divider

A cast iron gear flow divider provides precisely equalized lifting. The specially designed flow divider/combiner is a positive-displacement fluid control device with exact flow division of hydraulic power from one column to the other, even if load balance pressures change.

MaxJax Two-Post Lift FEATURES

  • Rated capacity 6,000 lbs.
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Quick‐disconnect self‐sealing hose connections
  • 48” lifting height
  • Fully adjustable lift arms for optimal vehicle lifting point coverage
  • From storage to working in less than 15 minutes
  • 110V Electric Operation

MaxJax Specs:

Height Overall 89.5”
Height of Column 64”
Min. Pad Height 4.5”
Max Lift Height (Pad Only) 48”
Max Lift Height (with 3” adapter) 51”
Arm Reach (min-max) 26”–40”
Typical Width (outside of base plate) 105”–135”
Drive-thru clearance 74”–104”
Lift locking positions 7 (every 3”)
Motor 110 VAC
50-60 Hz.
1 Ph. (23A breaker)
Time from ground level to Full Rise 45 sec
Individual Column Weight includes both columns, lift arms, mobile power unit cart, hoses, etc. 300 lbs.
Shipping weight 960 lbs.
Height of Column 64”
Min. Pad Height 4.5”