Auto Detailers Dream

MaxJax Auto Detailing On Two Post Portable Lift

See How MaxJax Brings Your Auto Detailing Quality to a Whole New Level

Car enthusiasts agree, a MaxJax two-post lift with its portability and lifting capabilities makes it about the most useful tool you can have in any garage or shop. Did you also know that the MaxJax is handy for automotive detailing and paintless dent repair? If you detail vehicles for a living or detail your own special cars, you understand that the process is mostly an art form. Achieving those shining automotive results takes time, experience, imagination, and optimal working angles to enhance the process.

MaxJax Portable Lift Detailing Dirty Car
MaxJax Portable Lift Detailing Clean Car

MaxJax-Designed for Auto Detailers, from the Ground Up

That’s where the MaxJax comes in. MaxJax is designed from the ground up to allow you to raise or lower vehicles so that you can better perform your automotive charm. For auto detailers, this means the MaxJax can lift cars to ideal working angles to easily reach side and lower-body areas to clean, color sand, buff, wax, or pressure wash. The MaxJax also works well for auto paintless dent repair. This is because as the MaxJax raises a vehicle’s vertical position, accessing lower-body panels from tighter angles is enhanced.
It also means you’ll have increased room to detail or refinish wheel wells, the inner sides of rims, lower valances, fuel tanks, suspensions, exhaust systems, and much more. With a car on a MaxJax, you are better able to analyze paint condition and remove haze marks because you can reach and see a variety of areas better, angle light and shadows differently, or if you chose, work from a MaxJax optional rolling work seat while you’re at it. Because of MaxJax’s two-post design, large areas on each side of a vehicle remain unobstructed. With a car simply parked on the ground, you’d be hard pressed to match the same shining results.
The bottom line is that the MaxJax can help you raise the quality of your auto detailing, while reducing the amount of time you need to complete each job. And when you’re not using your MaxJax you can simply unbolt it from its location and move it out of the way along a wall or into a storage room. The MaxJax comes packed with the flexibility that detailers dream of.

The MaxJax's Uses in an Auto Detail Shop are Endless.

With a vehicle on the MaxJax you can accomplish color sanding, touch up paint, restore suspension and steering items, complete exhaust system detailing, reach lower bumper areas, apply new undercoating to wheel-well areas, and much more.

MaxJax Auto Detailing and Paintless Dent Repair Benefits:

  • Unbolt and bolt your MaxJax to where it is the most useful (qualified locations)
  • MaxJax provides the ability to work alongside raised vehicles, while standing upright
  • Each MaxJax post can be rolled to other work areas on attached caster wheels
  • Simple anchor bolt kit allows attaching columns in other suitable concrete locations
    Using MaxJax in Multiple Shop Bays
  • Entire underside of vehicles can be easily accessed for power washing or show car restoration.
  • MaxJax uses easy to find 110V to operate
  • Insides of auto wheel wells, brakes and tires can be cleaned with suspension unloaded
  • Two-post design allows more side panel access on autos
  • When you’re done using the MaxJax, simply unbolt it from the floor and stow it out of the way.
  • From storage to working in less than 15 minutes (with anchor kit already in place)
  • ALI Certified

Helpful Extra-Cost MaxJax Two-Post Auto Detailing Accessories:

Auto Detailers know that their work most often deals with unique circumstances. You're either dealing with unusual hard-water spots on a black car, stubborn overspray removal, or a tight deadline for a "Sold" car. This means that your tools need to be versatile. MaxJax's extra-cost accessories offer you that much needed versatility.

Reclining Creeper Seat For Auto Detailing on MaxJax

Reclining Creeper

Reclining Creeper Seat so that you can stay mobile under the car while detailing the undercarriage

View Reclining Creeper Seat

Rolling Work Seat

Rolling work seat to help you move around at ground level along the sides of the vehicle

View RST-1WS
Rolling Work Seat For Auto Detailing on MaxJax
MaxJax Anchor Bolt Kit

Anchor Bolt Kit

Anchor Bolt Kits that allow you to install multiple setup areas to relocate the MaxJax to the most useful area in your shop

View Anchor Bolt Kit

Stackable Height Adapters

Tall, Medium, or Low Stackable height adapters: Provide more undercarriage clearance from the lift arms

View Height Adapaters
MaxJax Stackable Height Adapters
MaxJax Frame Cradle Pads

Frame Cradle Pads

Frame Cradle Pads to strongly lock onto undercarriages

View Frame Cradle Pads

You Can Choose Among 4 MaxJax Two-Post Packages With Some Options Included

Standard Package

Standard Package

MaxJax Standard Two-Post Lift
Deluxe Package

Deluxe Package

MaxJax Two-Post Lift Deluxe Package, Upright oil drain, Rolling work seat
Supreme Package

Supreme Package

MaxJax Two-Post Lift Supreme Package, Tall adapter pins, Frame Cradle Pads, Upright oil drain, Rolling work seat
Ultimate Package

Ultimate Package

MaxJax Two-Post Lift Ultimate Package, Tall adapter pins, Frame Cradle Pads, Upright oil drain, Adjustable creeper

MaxJax Two-Post Lift FEATURES

  • Rated capacity 6,000 lbs.
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Automatic safety locks
  • Quick‐disconnect self‐sealing hose connections
  • 48” lifting height
  • Fully adjustable lift arms for optimal vehicle lifting point coverage
  • From storage to working in less than 15 minutes
  • 110V Electric Operation