Medium Adapters

2.75" Height Adapters (Set of 4)
Set of 2.75" stackable medium adapter pins are designed to adjust the lifting height of your MaxJax two-post lift system. Every height adapter is capable of stacking with each other to fit your vehicle types. Sold in sets of 4. Included with any MaxJax model.


Medium Adapters for Versatile Vehicle Lifting

Not every vehicle is the same. We provide height adapters to help you tailor the perfect, safe lift for every vehicle in your line-up. The 2.75" medium height adapter set is the perfect solution to maximize the lifting potential of your MaxJax portable two-post lift. Every height adapter from MaxJax is compatible with the lift pad assembly, optional frame cradle pads, and other height adapters.

Need a smaller height adapter? Consider the Low Height Adapter Set.

Medium adapter pins extend the height of your lift pad by 2.75" helping you find the right height for each job. The adapter pins’ sturdy stainless-steel construction can handle any project in your garage, and provides you with the power and versatility to adapt to any situation.

Need a taller height adapter? Consider the Tall Height Adapter Set.

Not all jobs, and not all cars are the same. Accessories like height adapters are designed to adapt your MaxJax for any project your garage throws at you. Designed to work with most other MaxJax accessories, height adapters provide you with the customization you need to get your MaxJax portable two-post lift working for you! With a multitude of uses and heights, height adapters are a must-have accessory for any tech working on a variety of projects.

Sold in sets of four. Included with any MaxJax model.


  • Made of study stainless-steel that resists corrosion
  • 35mm diameter pin
  • 2.75" height
  • Fits lift pad assembly, frame cradle pads, and other height adapters
  • Sold in sets of four
  • Included with any MaxJax model

WARNING: California's Proposition 65